Noe Pond Club is a private club situated on a secluded 15-acre estate-like setting in the heart of Chatham Township.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please call 973-377-2445 or email to request an application or a tour of the Club.

There are several membership opportunities available but all new members must join as a "Family" for the first year of membership.

Membership Opportunities

Family Membership...
Includes a married couple and their unmarried children under 18 years (but up to 22 years) or a single parent with two or more children. Family Membership - a married couple and their unmarried children up to two in number and under 18 years of age. Additional children fees apply.

Senior, Individual & Family of Two Memberships...
To qualify, an applicant must have held a family membership for one year or more and have no children under 18 or be an individual member living alone or with a child over age 18.

Paddle Membership...
Families or individuals can be members for only winter activities (paddle and skating) from late September to the end of March.

Junior Membership...
A young adult who is a child of an active member (18 years of age up to age 30) has the option to enroll as a "Swim Only," "Swim and Tennis" or "Platform Tennis Only" member.

    Reference Letter Guidelines:

1. Do you feel comfortable sponsoring this family? If so, why?
2. How long have you known the family?
3. In what context have you gotten to know the whole family (parents & kids included)? Please reference each member of the family and children ages (in known) where appropriate.
4. How are the parents involved in the community – both professionally and personally?
5. Do you feel the parents and child(ren) would participate in the Club’s programs? If so, what programs would they participate?
6. Feel free to provide any additional information that was not addressed in the questions above.