The Waterfront at Noe Pond Club

A private oasis nestled in the heart of Chatham Township with white sand beaches and clear cool water.

Noe Pond Club's lake covers 3 acres and contains 7 million gallons of pure well-fed water, all located within a beautiful and well-maintained landscape surrounded by century-old trees.

A gradual white sand beach waterfront includes docks with eight 25 meter swim lanes, spectator bleachers, 3 diving boards, a deep water float, water trampoline, water basketball, log roll, and 2 water slides. 

A structured incentive-based program of swim & diving lessons, basic water safety, rescue, and advanced lifesaving, all taught by certified instructors, ensures that children will develop the confidence and competence to provide a lifetime of aquatic enjoyment. 

The waterfront is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day, staffed by Lifeguards holding American Red Cross Advanced Life Saving Certificates or Instructor ratings.